Why buy from us?

Pride and KoiThe most important point in Koi production is the end result being a strong, healthy, robust, attractive and disease free Koi. With this in mind Richard’s production starts with parent selection; health, quality, and body confirmation are key.

The next careful consideration is put into which male/female combination is to be used.

Complete knowledge of individual parents, their bloodline lineage and traits are essential for predictable results. Individual stripping and pairing of parents gives not only cleaner fry but exact knowledge about which parent combination results in better offspring.

In summary, meticulous rearing, culling and grading gives Richard a full understanding and affinity with his Koi, producing the best quality Koi available.


Meet the team

Meet the team

Richard Carpenter

Richard has been a professional Koi breeder all of his adult life with time spent in Japan and Israel gaining knowledge in different philosophies in Koi production.

He attended Sparsholt College where he gained his formal fish farming and fish husbandry qualifications.

This world renowned establishment is the fore runner in aquaculture training and development, so with this in mind close ties are kept with the college so that up to date information is always available.

Richard’s passion and dedication to the production of high quality Koi has driven him to ensure that the Koi are of the same level as imported Japanese fish. All of the brood stock have Japanese blood lines.

Nick Percy

Nick runs Drum Filters UK, specialising in the new Oase drum filter, which he has been involved in for the past twelve months. Oase drum filters can be used with their moving fluid bed or with Nick’s bio stage shower filter. So we are able to supply that special Koi for your pond and also match filtration to meet the needs of your Koi in your pond.

Nick’s passion for Koi comes from being a hobbyist, which he has been for the past 20 years, and has taken him to the end of the spectrum. He has also attended Sparsholt College and has a basic fish husbandry qualification.

Nick’s enthusiasm and drive and his great partnership with Richard is what makes this site special.Nick is also a filtration enthusiast and realises that good filtration is really key to keeping heathy Koi, enabling them to grow to a good size and quality within a pond environment.